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Horizom is a regenerative agriculture company that develops the cultivation of giant bamboo on a fair trade model. The objective is twofold: to massively sequester carbon and produce biomass for industry.

Why work with horizon?

  • Pragmatism, integrity and scientific rigor are at the heart of our approach.

    We capitalize on the expertise of our nursery specialist in bamboo as well as on decades of scientific research, mainly produced in Asia where bamboo is an ancient crop.

    We carry out agronomic research activities in our 7 ha nursery located in the Landes, as well as on 10 ha of pilot plantations. We are also working on the recovery of carbon and biomass through industrial partnerships.

Notre équipe

horizom linkedinhorizom Dimitri Guyot


Agronomy, Carbon, Valorization
With an educational background as an engineer and doctor, he manages all the technical aspects. He coordinates R&D activities, both upstream (nursery, field experiments) and downstream (development of new uses, carbon).
horizom linkedinhorizom Mathieu Poizat


Marketing, Strategy, Innovation
After studying engineering and business, and with previous experience as a researcher in the nuclear industry and then in investment funds, he is in charge of Horizom's strategy.
He is also involved in marketing and the development of new projects.
horizom linkedinhorizom Christophe Downey


Finance, Legal
After a business school and 10 years of experience in the banking industry, he structures the funding of Horizom, manages industrial and farmer partnerships and is involved in the pricing phase of feasibility studies.
horizom linkedinhorizom Stéphane Alzaix


Nursery manager
& associate
With several trips to China and 10 years of experience in his own nursery, Stéphane is our bamboo specialist and manager of the Horizom nursery. Stéphane works with the world leaders (China), as well as with the INBAR.
horizom linkedin


Farmer and agronomist, Lydie has more than 20 years of experience in the agricultural and R&D field. With her experience in technical monitoring of perennial crops (walnut, chestnut), she is in charge of feasibility studies for future projects as well as the implementation of the technical itineraries for our farmers. She is also in charge of R&D activities in the nursery and on our experimental plots.
horizom linkedin


Head of nursery production
Mathieu has over 20 years of experience in horticultural production, including 15 years in bamboo plant production. He plans and supervises nursery work to ensure that the nursery's production objectives are met.
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Our partners and advisors

horizom Hongchao Tan

Pr. Hongchao

R&D expert
  • Director of the State Nursery of Yunnan, China.
  • World reference in bamboo.
  • Professor at Yunnan University.
  • Lecturer
  • +100 publications.
horizom linkedinhorizom Pierre Bloch


Carbon Expert

  • Head of Advisory and Innovation chez SustainCERT.  
  • 10 years of experience in the certification and development of carbon sequestration projects.
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